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Questions about Pricing?

We simplify the process of purchasing licenses by allowing you to pay for multiple licenses at once, and then inviting 'sponsored collaborators' to your project.
Once you have created a project, you can choose to invite 'non-sponsored' collaborators to the project. These 'non-sponsored' collaborators will have access to your project, but will get billed separately on their own account.
We offer project-wide licenses, which will allow you to add an unlimited number of users to a project, depending on the size of your project. Please contact for a quote.
We offer company-wide licenses, which will allow you to add a high number, or unlimited number, of BIManywhere users for your company. Please contact for a quote.
An individual license is valid for one user to use BIManywhere on the iPad for a single project.

More individual licenses will need to be purchased in order to access multiple projects. However, you may access projects without the need of an individual license if:

1. You have been 'sponsored' for that project by another person,

2. the project you are accessing has an unlimited 'project wide' license,

3. we offer the option to allow a single user to be able to access multiple projects throughout their company.

The price depends on the number of projects. Please contact
If you do not need to access the models in the field, you will not need to use up an 'individual license'. You can only do this if you are a project administrator, and have elected to not become a field collaborator for the project.
Yes, we offer consulting services to provide customized solutions for your needs. Please contact to discuss details.

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